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Upon A Lightless Star
He wanders aimlessly, shambling around in the moonlight. He doesn't quite know where he is, but he knows there are walls, walls and plenty of them. He checks each one, listening to it, waiting for some kind of a signal or a response. He finds nothing.
As the daylight returns, he slowly begins to realize that these walls are parts of something bigger. They're buildings. And though he's meticulously checked each one in his drunken stupor, he is certain of one grave truth. What he wants is on neither side of these walls, whatever that thing is, and though he can't quite explain why, he feels that he himself is on both sides.
As the people come out from behind their walls, they begin to stare at him, so he stumbles back to the thing he calls home. He doesn't know where it is, and the closer he gets, the more he forgets why he's going there in the first place, but he doesn't stop to question it. He's afraid of the answers he might find if he stopped to question things like that.
He's huddle
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Dear United States Federal Government,
I hate you.
Please do something about this immediately.
Matt Warren
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CHOP Intro by Matt Warren
It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and Calvin Roberts was just starting to wake up. It was one of those lazy sort of days, like a Saturday afternoon where you can sleep all day and then party all night, and still be able to wake up for work come Monday morning.
Calvin, or Cal, as his friends sometimes called him, stumbled out of bed over the piles of dirty clothes and magazines parading his floor, stretched his arms out, and gave a half yawn, half sneeze from the dust hanging about.
With the shades drawn, his bedroom was dimly lit, but Calvin could still just barley make out the calendar hanging on the wall. Stepping over a plate of pizza and a sandwich with mushrooms growing on it, he made his way over to it to see what day it was.
Eying it carefully, he saw that the last day crossed off was Friday, and the day before that was crossed off twice, which probably meant that it was Monday, or maybe Tuesday. Noting what time it was on the digital clock by his bed, he stretched his
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As Stars We May Be More
As stars, we may be more
Not what you were hoping for
But wait and see what we have in store
Keep in mind to stay in sight
For something dark needs something bright
Someone who'll stay up all night
And even on through morning light
To glow on for our little fight
And remember to forget your dream
For reality, what it may seem,
Is nothing more than events in stream
In tandem hunting like a team
To break you, bend you, make you scream
And make you retreat into what we deem
A fiction stitched at every seam
To mirror all the truth you've seen
And though a mirror may present right back
Keep in mind how it refracts
The opposite, however exact
The truth of all the given facts
So forget about your fears and frights
And take in all the shining lights
Open your mind to brand new sights
And let go of dreams of falls and flights
We have one chance to make it right
For we're all stars in a single night
So come on, shine on,
Let's all be bright
So the world beneath us can be alright.
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Enter: Mosquetron
  Battle! Enter :
  A short story that will easily waste 20 minutes of your

  by Matt Warren
  It was late, and I was tired. It wasn't late in the sense that the feds from
  blockbuster video are on your ass trying to make you pay for a crappy movie
  like St. Elmo's Fire that you rented and lost in some bushes somewhere while
  you were drunk out of your mind, nor was I tired like Will Smith's rapping
  career. It was the other meanings of the words, the ones that in my context
  are harder to use in any kind of witty joke.
  It was easily past 3 in the morning, and I had been up for over 12 hours
  beginning on the fateful Saturday prior to the clock striking 12:01 A.M. that
  night, and what was I doing? I was parked in front of my Teevee, with the
  image of Sonic The Hedgehog jumping from highway to highway burned into my
  retinas, and an imprint of the gamecube cont
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Aerrorokanth by The-Autonomy-Program Aerrorokanth :iconthe-autonomy-program:The-Autonomy-Program 0 0
Dear Oxford English Dictionary
April 17, 2007
Oxford English Dictionary
37a St Giles
Dear Oxford English Dictionary:
The message is in regard to a startling epidemic that I am sure the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary are most certainly well aware of: the lack of a gender neutral pronoun to refer to indefinite words like 'person,' or 'somebody.'
While only having attained the benefit of Honors English in the freshman year, it is still overwhelmingly apparent that such a word should be necessary in a language already so complex as English. Frankly it is appalling that this issue, in all its years of existence, has not been tended to prior to today.
Traditionally, the standard for pronoun usage concerning indefinite nouns and pronouns has been to simply use 'he.' This solution may have been fine for a short period of time, but now that the countries that use English have moved into the digital age, there is no reason why their languages should remain in the stone age.
That is why, after much pol
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Matt Warren
United States
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I really have no idea what came over me. I sincerely apologize to you and your friends. From your posts you actually seem like a pretty nice guy and I hope you stay healthy.
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